Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Thorns Silk – Chapter 1

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Thorns Silk – Chapter 1

Thorn’s Silk

By: Garnet Sky

Disclaimer: I don’t own Danny Phantom

Oranges do NOT keep cats out of Christmas trees. I doubt pine cones would have worked any better.

The Wizard in the Ring

The key clicked in the lock. The jailer stared at the trembling figure in the corner. He took in her slender waist, the dark raven locks were dirty and matted with filth and grime, her olive skin grey– barely visible beneath the dirt. She wore what once had been a dancer’s finery.

“Come,” he told her in a gruff voice.

Though barely able to stand, she held her head up defiantly. “I stand by what I said,” she told him.

“We all know that, but you have one last visitor who wishes to see you before sentence is carried out,” the jailer told her.

She narrowed her eyes at that.

In a brightly lit courtyard, a fiery pyre had been readied. She stared at the people who had gathered to see the dancer dance her last dance for insulting the sultan’s favorite wife. “For me?” she sarcastically commented. “You shouldn’t have.”

A deep chuckle met her ears. “Always the charmer, Desiree, even in the face of death,” a dark familiar voice whispered in her ear.

“What do you want?” she hissed at him.

“To make sure our bargain is kept,” the wizard reminded her.

“I gave you the Sultaness’ star amber amulet,” she reminded him.

“And I will give you the power to grant hearts’ desires,” he countered.

“Liar!” she spat at him.

“I never lied to you,” he smiled cruelly. “I never said you had to be alive.”

“No,” she whispered, full horror dawning on her. She glanced down at the gold ring on her finger.

He grinned at her wickedly. “Your soul’s mine, girl,” he whispered, as the guards dragged her away.

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