Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Our Enjoy Is Battered – Chapter 1

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Our Enjoy Is Battered – Chapter 1

II never needed you to be
strong! I never needed you for pointing out my wrongs! I never needed
painI never needed strain. Sam yelled at her ex-boyfriend,
Danny Fenton.

My.my love for you was strong
enough you should have known. Sam could feel the hot salty tears
starting to stream down her soft pale cheeks. Danny looked upset to,
but Sam didnt see it through her own pain. She always thought he
was the one, but then he broke her heart for Paulina, the bitch of
the school.

SamI Danny tried to
speak but Sam cut him off, the tears coming out like a sparkling

I NEVER needed you for judgments!
I NEVER needed you to question what I spent! I NEVER ask for help!
I.I can take care of myself. Sam yelled with fists in the air
to show her anger that boiled inside her. She had never felt this
emotional before. Her first love, part boy part ghost, was over.
Danny Fenton had an alter ego as the half Danny Phantom. The town
hero, who she now hated, but still loved.

II dont know why you think
youve got a hold on me. Sam whispered, hating the mixture of
feelings inside her. She felt like puking, but running up to Danny
and begging for him back. At the same time she wanted to slap him so
hard he would fall over.

Sam please listen to me! I just
need to talk to you! Sam looked at the raven haired and baby blue
eyed boy. Danny was pale like her, but not as pale. He was pretty
tall and he was so cute, but he was Paulinas now.

Its a little late for
conversations. There isnt anything for you to say. Sam was
starting to lower her voice, feeling a little timed.

Because of youmy eyes hurt,
hands shiver. So look at me and listen to me because Sam took a
deep breath as she got ready for her next few words.

I dont want to stay another
minute! I dont want you to say a single word! Sam raised her
voice again, giving Danny an ear full of emotion from her. He looked
a little scared, his baby blue eyes reflecting fear.

Hush Hush, Hush Hush

There is no other wayI get the
final say. Sam told him, trying to be brave. She knew that he
broke up with her, but she hoped these words would make it feel like
she was breaking up with him. She hated Danny for breaking her heart;
she was the only thing she could really live for.

I dont want to do this any
longer, I dont want you. Theres nothing left to say. Sam
wanted to run over and cry into his shoulder, having him tell her
everything was okay, but that wasnt the case.

Hush Hush, Hush Hush

Ive already spoken, our love
is broken. Sam was trying her best not to break down into
hysterics as she let the tears flow freely, with no sound.

Sam I Danny was cut off by
Sam walking up to him and putting her lips to his, in a long
passionate kiss that seemed to last forever. It was then Sam realized
that Danny might not be able to live without her, but she knew she
could live without him.

Baby, Hush Hush. Sam said as
she lifted a finger to his lips, and he didnt speak another word
as he watched Sam walk off in the opposite direction, knowing their
love was broken. Forever.

Odd story with no point and I
know it sucks, but I felt like doing another one-shot. I like Crimson
Liquid a LOT better but this one isnt TOO bad. I just know its
not that good either and its pretty damn short. I would have done
the entire song but I didnt really want to and I thought that was
a really good stopping point.

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny
Phantom nor do I own the song mentioned in this story.

I would love some reviews for
this! Thank you!

P.S. The song is Hush Hush by the
Pussy Cat Dolls.

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