Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Your Highness Danny Phantom Chapter 1

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Your Highness Danny Phantom Chapter 1

I do not own Danny Phantom or any other mythical beings, or Harry
Potter (latter in the story when I begin to get bored.)

Hi! I am new at this. This will be my first fanfiction. I felt that I
had read enough and because I had read all of your wonderful stories
that I was obligated to write one of my own. Dont worry I will
finish it eventually since I know how frustrating it can be to start
a story, only to find that the author never meant to finish it.
Please criticize me as much as you want I like to improve in anything
that I start. Im not very good at summaries. This story will take
place after Phantom Planet.

Thanks: This is
a Danny phantom fanfiction. I didnt like the ending of the series,
so I am going to try to create a new ending. I was inspired by one of
the fanfiction on Danny phantom that involved dragons. I cant
remember the name anymore, but anyway

Summary: This takes
place after Phantom Planet. In this version, no one found out about
his secret and Sam and Danny have not realized that they like each
other. Things were going back to normal. Or so Danny thought. This
story will begin 2 weeks after Phantom Planet. (I also feel like
adding magical creatures into the story.)


Danny was sitting in
class. It was 1:44. It was in the middle of class, and for some
reason, he felt extremely tired.

Why am I so tired? I
have had plenty of sleep recently. There hasnt been any ghostly
activity for almost 2 weeks. Maybe I am sick,
Ok class, lets
continue on with our discussion on the interesting life of slick
worms Lancer droned onor maybe I am just bored out of
my mind.


2 hours and 55
seconds of class later

Sam, Tucker, and Danny
were glaring at the clock, willing it to go faster.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Finally, class is
Danny thought as he headed automatically to Nasty
Burger. They always went directly after school to cool off, hang out,
and to get a quick snack at the Nasty Burger as they planned on what
to do for the rest of the day. Sam and Tucker were already talking
about what they wanted to do. Danny wasnt really paying attention.
He was too absorbed in his own thoughts to listen. Why am I so
tired? It cant be boredom because school has been over for 5
minutes by now. I should be feeling more alive, not so tired that I
might fall asleep where I stand.
go to my househour of
games sleep overwhat you think Danny Danny DANNY!
Sam yelled into his ears.

Danny yelled back.

Were you even
listening to me? Sam stated sarcastically. I was wondering what
you wanted to do today.

Sorry Sam, Im a
bit sleepy today. Danny said wearily.

Are you sick? Sam
asked, worried, If you are, then you should go home, even if we
were just planning a sleepover today to celebrate the worlds
existence and how we almost missed a whole week of school.

Sam was planning
a sleepover? Well, I am only tired. I dont want to miss this. Ill
get some sleep after we play a few games.

Dont worry Sam,
Im only tired. Anyway who would want to miss one of your parties?
Danny reasoned with Sam.

OK, but if you get
tired, dont try to stay up with me and Tucker. Sam said.

We all know that
Danny would never miss one of your
parties, Sam! Tucker said, his voice
dripping in sarcasm and then turning into a shrill scream as Danny
and Sam tackled him.


Meanwhile, in the
GIWs Agency…

Agents K and X sit at
their desks, a phone rings.


It was the hotline. It
only rang when a superior was calling.

Hello, this is the
Guys-In-White Agency, Agent K reporting. What is your reason for
using this hot line, sir? And of what level of authority are you?
Agent K formally answered.

Hello, this is the
president. The Cabinet and I have decided to modify your division of
the government The President explained.

Im sorry sir, but
almost all of the employees here have decided to quit after Phantom
saved the world, my partner Agent X and I are among them. Agent K
interrupted, We wont accept any new more advanced technology to
farther harm Phantom and our guilty conscience. I believe we were
wrong to judge him so fast and that he may be the kindest and bravest
person the world-

Yes, yes I know.
That is why I called on the hotline. Phantom has become an
international treasure of a priceless value because he technically
gave us our planet. Some nations consider him as an unclaimed ghost
of no nationality. He is the proven mythical treasure that will
be hunted by all nations for a long time. The president explained.
Personally, I agree with you. We do owe him a lot, but even if I
didnt think so, I would have had to disassemble or modify your
division, or risk the entire world turning against us to save
from our cruelty. Disassembling your division would force
people out of jobs, and many investments that we made in your weapons
will be lost. We needed a new division to find, capture (if
possible), and protect Phantom to gain a good image to other nations
and maybe even make peace with Iraq. Phantom is so loved, that I am
sure he would have been named the sole heir to every kingdom if he
were only human.

Agent Ks hope
soared. Does this mean what I think this means?!

Agent K, I have
decided that the best way to solve this problem is to convert the GIW
into a sort of secret service to Phantom. You and your partner will
co-lead this division now because you both know Phantom the best out
of all of your government operatives. You have always kept each other
in balance. Remember, the number one priority is protecting Phantom,
not capturing him. Oh yeah, I know that Phantom doesnt trust you
guys, but you can work that out. The president clarified. Now
get to work, your nations honor depends on you, and get those
workers back. With that the President hung up.

Agent X, you
wouldnt believe it, our division has just been modified to protect
Phantom! This means that we can get paid to repay Phantom for
everything that we have done to him! Plus, we have been promoted to
the co-leaders of our division! Agent K exclaimed. We need to
tell the workers writing their resignations!

With that, Agents K and
X got to their new jobs.


Must not fall
asleep Mmuusstt nnoott ffaallll aasslleeeepp Mmmuuusssttt
nnnoootttt fffaaallllll aaaasssslllleeeeeeeepppp
was all
that Danny could think as Sam and Tucker walked with him to Sams
house. Sam was getting worried. Danny doesnt look too good;
it doesnt seem to be anything but the need to sleep. He can barely
stand. It doesnt seem to be a small, ordinary tired though. As
soon as I get home, I have to find some way to get Danny to sleep. I
wonder whats making him so tired… It has been slow in the
Ghostly Front for about 2 weeks now. Now that I think about that, why
havent the ghosts been attacking us? Maybe they have decided to
give Danny a break. Anyway, back to Danny.

As Danny and Sam were
absorbed in their thoughts, Tucker was exasperated with them. Cant
Danny see that Sam is in love with him? You can clearly tell by how
hard she stares at him while she is thinking. I bet that Sam is
worried about Danny. She has to be just as clueless as Danny about
how much they like each other to not have made a move yet. So what if
Danny is a little tired, he should wake up and realize that Sam is
worried and loves

Just then, when they
were only 5 yards away from Sams house, Danny tripped on a crack
in his concentration. He tried to get up, but he was just too tired.
He began to fall asleep on the sidewalk. A weird feeling began to
rise in the back of his head. It was like a soft fluid was coming out
of a hole in his head. It wasnt painful, and it didnt feel like
blood. He knew for a fact that he hadnt fallen on his head, and
that there was no hole in there, but the flowing fluid felt nice. It
was singing him a wordless lullaby, dragging him deeper into slumber
land. He opened his eyes slowly, just in time to see golden smoke
beginning to surround him, and to hear Sam begging him to stay awake.

— — — — — —
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
— — — — — — — — — — —

(— means a change
in the main perspective, but the same scene.)

Ohmigosh! Whats
going on?! Why isnt Danny getting up? Hes falling asleep! Maybe
he hurt his head when he saved the world! Wait, didnt something
say that people with possible brain damage shouldnt be permitted
to fall asleep without being in a doctors watchful eye?! I need to
keep him awake!
Sam panicked in her mind as she forced her
face to stay straight.

Danny, dont fall
asleep! Stay with us! Do you hear me?! Sam screeched into his
ears. He began to talk about some sort of soft flow, and then slowly
opened his eyes before he finally fell asleep.

What in the world!
Tucker and Sam exclaimed as they suddenly took notice of the growing
golden vapors that seemed to be appearing from the back of Dannys
skull. As it spread, Dannys sleeping form began to levitate. The
vapors began to incase Dannys form in a rapid pace. Soon Tucker
and Sam could clearly tell that it was forming a gassy shell around
Danny. Once the gas had succeeded completely surrounding Danny from
head to toe and back to front, it seemed to grow opaque and solidify.
Once it was complete, the orb floated, slowly and carefully, back to
the ground in front of Sam and Tucker. For a few minuets, they just
gaped at the orb, and then Tucker said, It looks like an egg.

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