Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Reunions – Chapter Ten

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Reunions – Chapter Ten

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Plans formed and put into action

In the
mean time at FentonWorks everyone prepared to fight to get Danny
back. Maddie put as much ghost hunting equipment in her boots as
possible and Jack charged the Fenton bazooka. Hailey tried to
convince the twins to stay up in their room. This is how the
conversation went:

But we
wanna help Danny, too! Max yelled.

its too dangerous for you to be there., Hailey replied, You
could get hurt.

said that, too when he battled that big, metallic ghost but we were
the ones who saved him! He was already captured in a net! That ghost
would have killed him! And it wasnt even his worst enemy! Theo

and Vlad IS Dannys worst enemy

WHY WE NEED TO HELP!!! Max shouted. He was just about to just walk
off and find Danny without anyone else when his mother slammed the
door shut.

against the door with all his might but it was no use. Both Max and
Theo started to cry.

minutes later they heard voices down stairs. Maddie, Jack, Hailey,
Danielle, Sam, Tucker and Valerie were about to leave when suddenly
Vlads face appeared on the TV screen. They all turned around in shock
as they heard his voice:

of Amity Park! I, Vlad Plasmius, have returned to get my revenge on
your beloved hero, Danny Phantom and on the world. Mwahahahahaha! And
to do that I have made me a little company the scene flipped
over to Danny in a cage with a cloth over his mouth and his hands
behind his back.

He had
cuts, burns and buries all over his body, probably from escape
attempts or Vlad, torturing him. He had pretty deep cut on his right
cheek and it looked like Vlad had tried to slash his eye.

As you
can see, Vlad suddenly said, he has no chance of escaping and
if you wont surrender for him till tomorrow evening he will pay
for this. With his live. Im waiting for your decision. Should he
die or just be enslaved? Oh and Fentons, dont try anything funny
because I have a state of the art security system. If it goes off it
will kill him. Ta.

Vlad laughed like a lunatic and in the background
you can see Danny, shocking frantically his head, meaning not to
surrender, and glaring angrily at Vlad before the scene vanished and
the usual program came back.

All seven
ghosthunters looked at each other, their mouth hanging open and with
shock in their eyes.

Sam broke the eerie silence: Should we go?

In response everyone looked even more unbelieving.
If one of them would have the courage to go it would be Sam but now
she hesitated, too. Should they risk Dannys live? was the
real question behind her sentence and one thing was for sure: no one
of them wanted to be responsible for Dannys death.

But we
can just let Vlad take over the earth and still torture Danny!
Valerie suddenly shouted out, He will KILL him eventually!

know, you have a point, Tucker said to everyones surprise, He
wont just let Danny go free. And Danny will surely put up a fight
and you all know Vlad, he wont appreciate that. But still, if Vlad
really has a state of the art security system then its nearly
impossible to get there without him noticing.

At his words Sams face brightened. You said
its nearly impossible.
That means there is a chance, doesnt it?



this chapter took long. Well, Im still working on improving the
other chaps. And special thanks to Karnelia who gave me some tips to
do so. I hope Ill be able to update soon now that schools out
for a week.

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